Gum Surgery

Offering Comfortable Gum Surgery in Chinatown

The Chinatown dental practice of Dr. Shu Ping Rong utilizes ultrasonic and laser-assisted dentistry to provide superior comfort and maximize the effectiveness of gum surgeries for patients in Downtown Manhattan.

If you have periodontal disease and are at risk for tooth loss, have already lost teeth, or are experiencing other soft tissue concerns, we offer a range of surgical treatments to correct and restore your gum health.

Providing a Wide Range of Gum Treatments

Gingivectomy removes damaged gum tissue to reduce pockets between the teeth and gums.

Flap Surgery treats moderate or advanced gum disease (periodontitis) by allowing access to the tooth root, providing more effective care.

Crown Lengthening exposes more tooth structure, typically in preparation for a crown or other restoration.

Gum Contouring reshapes extra gum tissue, similar to crown lengthening but performed for cosmetic reasons to reduce the look of a “gummy smile.”

Ridge Augmentation and Preservation restores the natural gum line that may be lost or has already been lost due to tooth extraction.

Guided Tissue Regeneration directs the growth of regenerated bone and gum tissue to areas that have become damaged and require augmentation.

Frenectomy separates the tight lingual frenulum from the tongue or lip.

Deep Cleaning/Root Planing cleanses tartar, plaque, and bacteria under the gum line. While less of a surgical treatment than our other services, our ultrasonic technology is able to more effectively reach the roots of teeth that have been accumulating damaging buildup. 

State-of-the-Art Treatment

Dr. Rong is committed to the health and comfort of her patients and has equipped her dental office with advanced technology. This not only provides increased ease of care but cuts down healing time and achieves greater results than conventional approaches.

Our dentist uses intraoral cameras to help diagnose your dental condition and share detailed images of her findings with you. After carefully listening to your concerns and completing your exam, Dr. Rong will recommend the appropriate treatment to meet your individual needs. From digital imaging to laser-assisted procedures, the surgical gum services we offer at our Chinatown practice ensures that your oral health is in good hands.

If you have gum disease and want compassionate, comprehensive periodontal services from diagnosis to intervention, including gum surgery at our Downtown Manhattan location, call Dr. Shu Ping Rong today!